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dataTaker Expert posted Jun 29 '21 at 3:39 am
Hi dataTaker Users,

As promised, this is the new version of dEX 2.0. It is a few days late due to some unforeseen circumstances.

You can check the user manual, the release notes, and known issues within the software. After you install the software click the Application menu to access those documents.

Please find the installer download link

Windows version:
Hi dataTaker Users,

We will release a new dEX 2.0 version next week. This version has many fixes (check the software release notes and known issues), two new language sets (French and Chinese), and an integrated dEX user manual.

In this topic, I would like to share three technical notes related to dEX 2.0:

dEX Requirements:
Dear DataTaker experts,
I am using DT85G Series 3, and before 2020, It was worked with dEX previous version without any issue. However, as it no longer work with flash player now I have to upgrade it to dEX 2.0 and firmware also upgraded to version 9.22

I have connected the logger using Ethernet cable and add the logger to dEX-2.
Now I cannot access the logger through the dEX-2 d
Juergen posted Sep 29 at 7:25 am
I measure wrong voltages at any analog input.
The measured values are only 83% of the actual voltage applied.

Please find the result of the self test here:

Is there anything I can do?
How can I send the logger for repair?


alan posted Sep 2 at 11:36 am
I have a requirement whereby i will have 2 DT85s in separate buildings both on different networks but pc has access to both networks, that i want to have 1 dt85 connected to the other or someway of having one download where all channels from both logger be on the one download.

recent by Noradavis  ·  Sep 22 at 8:42 am
afridi69 posted Sep 7 at 11:19 am
I have data taker DT85W. I was heat up and now showing REFT error. How it can be rectified. Do I need to send it for repair or not

Lan posted Sep 3 at 3:33 pm
Who has de logger software? Help me. I want use de logger softwear...

I have a DT85G-3 device connected by ethernet to a Windows Server 2016 PC. I am using dEX-2 to communicate with the device.

The device will periodically connect, show me the clock time and show me its data if I go to the Data Explorer. I can see that it is running Software Version 9.20.8942.

In particular I am trying to see the Schedules loaded on the device, which seem to be getting sent
PAUL BRUYNDONCKX posted Aug 23 at 2:37 pm

last week we encountered a problem with out DT80-3.
For no apparent reason it stopped logging, and on the display it said 'Cannot log - File error':

Do you know what can cause this, and how we can prevent it from happening in the future?

Best regards,

Fiona posted Jul 20 at 5:47 pm
We are recently running DT80 and noticed that the DT80 screen shows "DT80 restarted SW exception". I checked the manual and it mentioned that "This indicates a possible problem with the DT80 firmware. Contact dataTaker Technical Support if you see this message". I couldn't find the contact of technical support. Please help! Thanks!


Fiona posted Aug 22 at 6:34 pm
The DT80 logger is placed in a railcar to continuously measuring the temperature by thermocouple probes inside the refrigerator which is about -20C on the railcar. It sends the data through a modem to our ftp server so that we could remotely reads the temperatures. Since two days ago, we noticed that our thermocouple readings are "underrange" at the channels on CEM20 and "referror" on t
Theo posted Aug 22 at 3:00 pm
Following our system OFF/ON, the integrated DT80 has lost its configuration (no current job). This problem has already been seen on other DT80 that we use.
The DT80 had already "survived" previous ON/OFF, the data loss appears random.

Moreover, after the configuration loss it has been then impossible to reload the configuration of the DT80, even after freeing disk space.

Fiona posted Jul 15 at 7:32 pm
We recently purchased the DT80-4 to work in low temperature to read T type thermocouple probes. It is connected with 2 thermocouples on the main module and 40 thermocouples on the CEM20 module. The main and extension module are both working in about -20C environment and 40% relative humidity. To calibration the thermocouples, we use glycol to simulate the low temperature situation. When we put so
I am logging 2 Pressure transducers (mV) and 2 digital counters on a DT80 series 2.
I have set the scan rate to 200mS. I have found that the DT
on about every 7th scan there is about 400-500mS interval
I know these are not high speed loggers but are there any settings I could use to speed up the readings. I only need to scan at the fast rate for about 20seconds during testing
DCP posted Jun 29 at 11:53 am
Hi Please Help!

Offline Status : Developer Tools gives this error!


I know this occurs when you use port number that is common for other function such as port 7700 or the target port was not running on JSON script but still giving a response

but how do I fix?

(I have up to date firmware and software)

Good day, can you assist please, i installed my DT80 in a truck to record data. Logger stopped recording, i set limit at 30Mb and programmed to stop recording when limit is reached. When i tried to download data through Dex 2, logger just hanged, did not download. I tried USB, download started but when i pushed X to light up the screen to check status, download stopped and setup cleared. I urgent
I'm pretty new to Dex2 and DT and I'm trying to connect a power meter using Modbus RTU (RS 485) to Serial Port in my DT85. I've tried to write my own script with help of many code examples found in internet which didn't work. I also tried to program DT with Dex2 using graphical features it provides.

Code below is generated by Dex2:

And this is code I wrote which can't be eve
alan posted Jun 8 at 11:45 am
Hi i am looking to save to a CV channel the time stamp of when temperature sensor connected to the DT85 reaches a certain temperature 75C. therefore the CV channel will merely have the time this occurred

AndrewB153 posted Jun 1 at 2:10 pm
I have somehow locked myself out of my DT80M logger. In the Dex 2 software I set user level security to on by mistake. Now when I try to connect to the logger from DEX I get asked for a user name and password. I have guessed the default as datataker and datataker as defaults without success. How do I reset this I cannot see an obvious way.


recent by AndrewB153  ·  Jun 7 at 7:46 am
rberndt posted May 31 at 3:31 am
I'm trying to add a ultrasonic RS485 sensor to my schedule on a DT85 ser 3 still using web interface.

The sensor has 4 wires: orange V+, black gnd, blue RS485-B, white RS485-A

My datataker supplier has kindly helped out by noting connect blue RS485-B to RTSY and white RS485-A to TxZ terminals.

Gonzalo posted May 14 at 10:34 pm
DEX2.0 for Windows and MacOS.

I´m working over newer DT80W and DT82E and stability´s DEX2.0 is not good. I´m not sure if the FW DT8X or if the recently update of Windows of MACOS.

DEX 2.0 the problems are the same. When "apply to datalogger" DXC sometime fails and I must start full configuration again. It hangs up.

I am a new user of Datataker DT85. Some of the thermocouple readings show a large instant jumping up (about 1~3°C) which is unreasonable and groundless although I do not change anything.

Also, when I turn on the humidity sensor power supply, the readings of the thermocouples are jumping about 10 °C.
Could you help give some advice about this problem? Many thanks.

litters95 posted Apr 22 at 10:53 pm
My DT80 series 2 just stopped responding
The sample light, disk and power lights are on but no display
It was a brand new logger (2009?) . I had updated to latest firmware.
It was working fine for about 3 weeks
Anyone got any ideas ? A hard reset has not fixed it

I am a new user of DT85GM (and CEM20). I am going to use DT85GM for performing load test wherein we plan to use vibrating wire strain gauges and LVDTs (load cell is planned to be connected to another data logger).
Since my background is in Civil Engineering so going through all the details of the user manual appears to be a time consuming task, something that our project timelines d

I am trying to set a statistical routine that measures every 5s.
Then I have an routine for the 1 minaverage values of the 5s measurements.

Applying statistics:

values registered:

My issue here is that the values being registered do not match the ones I want to have. It is also saving the instantaneous 1 min value of the variable. Is there a way not to save t
MorriltonPacking posted Mar 28 at 10:22 pm
We are using the DT85 to track temperature data by the second with both k-type TC's and RTD's. We are converting the C degree to F with Polynomial 1. What we are finding when we export our data to CSV is that the temperatures have 6 decimal places. Is there a way to round these up/down before exporting?

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