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PAUL BRUYNDONCKX posted Aug 23 '22 at 2:37 pm

last week we encountered a problem with out DT80-3.
For no apparent reason it stopped logging, and on the display it said 'Cannot log - File error':

Do you know what can cause this, and how we can prevent it from happening in the future?

Best regards,

Theo posted Aug 22 '22 at 3:00 pm
Following our system OFF/ON, the integrated DT80 has lost its configuration (no current job). This problem has already been seen on other DT80 that we use.
The DT80 had already "survived" previous ON/OFF, the data loss appears random.

Moreover, after the configuration loss it has been then impossible to reload the configuration of the DT80, even after freeing disk space.

DCP posted Jun 29 '22 at 11:53 am
Hi Please Help!

Offline Status : Developer Tools gives this error!


I know this occurs when you use port number that is common for other function such as port 7700 or the target port was not running on JSON script but still giving a response

but how do I fix?

(I have up to date firmware and software)


Was inserting new code on a recently acqqired DT80 series 4 on Dex 2 and applied some changes to the logger program, as I've done before, but now it is not able to obtain an IP address.

Dex-2 tries to heartbeat the logger but never manages to connect. I've accessed the logger through its IP on the browser and can see the event log:

"Ethernet Interface: cannot obtain an IP Addre
Ladislav posted Jun 4 '21 at 10:54 am

I'm using series3 DT80. After firmware upgrade to last version v9.22, logger
was working fine for a week, untill I wanted to clear logger internal memory using command DELALLJOBS. Result of "delalljobs" command was that current job was terminated but message SW exception appeared. Moreover, internal disk was not cleared.

Now, logger display show message "No current job", but I
recent by Ladislav  ·  Jun 24 '21 at 1:48 pm
Juergen posted Mar 26 '21 at 8:10 am
To collect data from a serial device we use manual channels.
There are some problems to realize it with dEX-2:

The available space to enter commands is limited. (We could solve it by splitting it to several channels)
After saving the configuration to a file and reloading it, there are suddenly many blank lines inserted that we did not originally enter. After each save, this seems to double
jaisantosh.d posted Mar 26 '21 at 10:44 am
Hi Facing an Issue with DT82i connectivity.
I was able to connect device and create channels and even sent data using Modbus TCP, but all of sudden the status it is showing is "device is currently offline" in dEX 2.1.18 application and even web interface is not working its just loading.
As in Device LCD screen it was showing message "SW Exception" but after deleting all jobs from the device
Alicia posted Mar 5 '21 at 2:36 am

When using dEX-2 to apply a schedule to our dataloggers, the dataloggers now give the error "SW Exception".

Some times the schedule does no load and there is "no config", sometimes it does load. But we get the error code every time we try to apply the schedule. The dataloggers and dEX 2 were working fine for two weeks but then this issue started. At first it was every second time but
ganeshraj26 posted Mar 1 '21 at 5:11 am
Good Day Everyone,
I am facing problem with applying program to logger since the power always changes from setted 'always' to 'only when taking reading' which causes our equipment to not function accordingly.

marjub posted Nov 17 '20 at 8:10 pm
While troubleshooting a strange voltage reading on a DT85 S3, I narrowed it down to this. When I measured the reading outside of a schedule, it measured the voltage correctly. When the same line of code was used in a schedule, it measured the incorrect value.

Actual voltage measured with a Fluke multimeter at the DT85
terminals: 44.7 mV
Voltage manually measured by DT85 in DeTransfer without
recent by Lontek  ·  Nov 26 '20 at 3:19 am
Kaltal posted Apr 19 '19 at 4:13 am
Hi All,

I have a series 3 DT85 v9.14. It as not been used much over the last year, and now just when I need it it seems to be giving me an error. As it collects data it will, all of a sudden, stop, lights flash, and the message SW exception appears.

I was having a problem with the unit running on battery, in that it was losing power then turning back on then losing power. I traced that t
recent by Kaltal  ·  Apr 19 '19 at 4:25 am
Keaton posted Apr 19 '19 at 3:58 am
I need to measure an analog voltage of +/- 5 Vdc. I know I need to set the channel 10:1 attenuator in order to do this. When I configure the input range to '30V Input' on my channel in dEX and save to the logger, I get the error message as seen in the attachment.

I've tried doing the command through the command window in dEX also [9HV(GL30V)]. Then it seems to be accepted, but when I apply a
recent by Keaton  ·  Apr 19 '19 at 4:05 am
Dear all,

I have been experimenting using a DT85 Series 2 to measure relative humidity using the Wet/Dry bulb method. I have been taking the measurements using a pair of K type thermocouples - one of which is 'wet.'

I have tried using the routine outline in the FAQ through DeTransfer. The problem is that the calculation in the formula is quite different from that using a psychrometric cha
recent by admin  ·  Apr 18 '19 at 3:41 pm
cbasler posted Apr 18 '19 at 12:52 am

I want to run the DT85 via USB, so therefore I need a USB-Driver. Unfortunately, the Driver on the page seems to be missing. Also, the dEX software platform, which I thought I could find is leading me to an "not found" page. Could you help me with that problems?

Clemens Basler

recent by cbasler  ·  Apr 18 '19 at 1:06 am
DickyKnee posted Apr 16 '19 at 12:06 pm

I noticed in the Release Notes for a recent logger purchased that has the 9.10 firmware installed that a new running average channel option has been implemented. I thought this would be useful, but I can't seem to get it to work.

I created a manual channel in the configuration builder "Configure the logger", and even when I copy verbatim the channel example in the release notes, when
recent by Roger  ·  Apr 16 '19 at 12:21 pm
Jewmac posted Apr 15 '19 at 12:46 pm
Hi all. I have just upgraded to version 9.16 firmware and discover that comms on SERSEN port to modbus has stopped. Has any one else come across this?

Has something changed in the background that i am unaware of, an unset parameter or switch maybe

recent by Lokesh  ·  Apr 15 '19 at 12:47 pm
Contek posted Apr 14 '19 at 8:01 am

I have got a problem regarding the modem power config. I have fully configured a DT80M (system name, time and so on) including the modem power config, which is set to "ALWAYS ON" due the need of the DT to act as a http server. If I make a HARDRESET or a power loss occurs, the system reloads the config correctly, all parameters are set as its config value except the modem power config,
recent by Lokesh  ·  Apr 14 '19 at 8:04 am
I have been testing the MAINTAIN_VARS=YES functionality and it works great when I use HRESET command, but not when I disconnect power.
The CVs are not being restored when the power is connected. The Datataker is new and the details are below.

Product: DT82E-3
Serial Number: 103900
dataTaker 82 Version 9.16.5728 Flash 2014/10/03 17:46:55
VLITH (3.6V) 3.63 V PASS

I have assum
recent by admin  ·  Apr 13 '19 at 4:23 pm
arivan.g posted Mar 23 '19 at 12:12 pm

I seem to be having problems with the dEX v1.50.012. There seems to be times when the dEX doesn't generate the code it is supposed to. I've faced this problem on several occasion when using this dEX version.

For instance, I wanted to use a temperature sensor with resistive output. Whilst it would read without problem using the normal 2-wire resistance setting, the readings would go ou
recent by dan_lew  ·  Mar 23 '19 at 12:58 pm
Juergen posted Mar 23 '19 at 11:49 am
Starting dEXin my browser (Firefox, Chrome) will automatically translate the graphical interface into my local language (German), regardless the language settings in the "Customize dEX" menu.

Indeed this could be a good idea for customers who are not so familiar with English terms, but in some cases the translation is incomprehensible (e.g. "current" is translated into "Aktuell", that means "
recent by admin  ·  Mar 23 '19 at 11:57 am
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