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adaahkam posted Dec 22 '23 at 9:04 am
I want to use the DT80 to write modbus data and send it to a modbus poll application. I have matched baud rate, data bits, stop bits, slave addresses, and registers. But I found the error "Modbus master - unexpected function id in response. Expected: 6; received: 3dataTaker 80 E130 - Modbus - unexpected function id in response".

Here is my script:

Profile sers
Greg1956 posted Sep 26 '23 at 12:55 am
Configuring my DT85.
Have applied the first cut of all the Thermocouples that we will be logging. Applied it to the DT85 and away it goes.

Now I'm looking at using a calculation from a Thermocouple to engage a relay and turn on a cooling fan.

But I can't find any command line codes that will allow me to stop the DT85 collecting data and consuming battery power.

Is the a manual that
Salman_Farrukh posted Apr 24 '23 at 7:13 pm
I hope you are well.
I have a DT85 series 4 datalogger and I want to measure the torque + rotation speed + power from my torque sensor, which has a 12 pin connector (picture attached). I have also attached the manual for the torque meter (DRBK from applied measurements). I have also attached the datalogger manual.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mel posted Apr 5 '23 at 2:52 pm

I work in information security in a university. One of our students wants to install dEx 2.0 v2.1.25. We have a hard time finding information to validate the safety of your software. Do you have an EULA and a privacy policy ? In what country are you located. Do you update you software as soon as a vulnerability is found ? Is there a way to have automatic updates configured ? Any other
Ian-81786 posted Oct 28 '22 at 12:07 am
I recently purchased a secondhand DT80 series4. The previous owner says it has had a factory reset. When I power up the unit it reloads the last current job. I have attempted to interact via dEX2 but can't get passed the username/password. I have tried to access via deTransfer but usb connection is refused. I have tried the reset button both single and triple. Suggestions on how to cancel current
recent by Ian-81786  ·  Nov 8 '22 at 6:28 am
Fiona posted Jul 20 '22 at 5:47 pm
We are recently running DT80 and noticed that the DT80 screen shows "DT80 restarted SW exception". I checked the manual and it mentioned that "This indicates a possible problem with the DT80 firmware. Contact dataTaker Technical Support if you see this message". I couldn't find the contact of technical support. Please help! Thanks!


Fiona posted Aug 22 '22 at 6:34 pm
The DT80 logger is placed in a railcar to continuously measuring the temperature by thermocouple probes inside the refrigerator which is about -20C on the railcar. It sends the data through a modem to our ftp server so that we could remotely reads the temperatures. Since two days ago, we noticed that our thermocouple readings are "underrange" at the channels on CEM20 and "referror" on t
Fiona posted Jul 15 '22 at 7:32 pm
We recently purchased the DT80-4 to work in low temperature to read T type thermocouple probes. It is connected with 2 thermocouples on the main module and 40 thermocouples on the CEM20 module. The main and extension module are both working in about -20C environment and 40% relative humidity. To calibration the thermocouples, we use glycol to simulate the low temperature situation. When we put so
Gonzalo posted May 14 '22 at 10:34 pm
DEX2.0 for Windows and MacOS.

I´m working over newer DT80W and DT82E and stability´s DEX2.0 is not good. I´m not sure if the FW DT8X or if the recently update of Windows of MACOS.

DEX 2.0 the problems are the same. When "apply to datalogger" DXC sometime fails and I must start full configuration again. It hangs up.

I am a new user of DT85GM (and CEM20). I am going to use DT85GM for performing load test wherein we plan to use vibrating wire strain gauges and LVDTs (load cell is planned to be connected to another data logger).
Since my background is in Civil Engineering so going through all the details of the user manual appears to be a time consuming task, something that our project timelines d

I am trying to set a statistical routine that measures every 5s.
Then I have an routine for the 1 minaverage values of the 5s measurements.

Applying statistics:

values registered:

My issue here is that the values being registered do not match the ones I want to have. It is also saving the instantaneous 1 min value of the variable. Is there a way not to save t
MorriltonPacking posted Mar 31 '22 at 12:56 pm
We have just started using our DT85. It was working great in testing but now we have an issue. We are getting a DXC Compilation Failure when we connect with dEX-2. What could cause this and how could we remedy this? And now we can only connect 1 instance of dEX-2 at a time. Trying to connect on other devices at the same time causes the DT85 to shut down and reboot - then only one connects to it a
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