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MorriltonPacking posted Mar 31 at 12:56 pm
We have just started using our DT85. It was working great in testing but now we have an issue. We are getting a DXC Compilation Failure when we connect with dEX-2. What could cause this and how could we remedy this? And now we can only connect 1 instance of dEX-2 at a time. Trying to connect on other devices at the same time causes the DT85 to shut down and reboot - then only one connects to it a
acavaco posted Mar 30 at 6:40 pm

I have several DT80 running in radiometric stations. Now, I need to make modifications to the program of one the stations and seems to me I have to do it from scratch because I cannot modify the old program (which is very long...)

I want to program this part in the new "language":

I have tried to do a manual to insert it.
However, when I check the value of 1CV i
Dear Team ,

Good Day to All , Hope you are doing great.

I am Mohammed Riyaz from Emirates Global Aluminium , Dubai , UAE.

We are using DT85 device for data acquisition and logging instruments. Currently we are fetching measured data through USB device which is manual process.

To save time & reduce man power we thought to automate this manual process , so we have decided to f
I have multiple DT85 devices (both 3 and 4). One of the series 3 units can be seen by DEX2 using either USB or ethernet connection but when I try and check connectivity it always says "Device Offline". It changes the light indicator on DEX2 from red to yellow.

I saw another post that said to check the console errors. Unfortunately, I do not have any console errors as DEX is seeing that there
MichaelH posted Nov 21 '21 at 6:59 pm
I am having an issue where the DT85M occasionally stops logging and the commands stop working. When I try to send commands I get a "Permission Denied" response, even though I am logged in as an admin.
I am getting a lot of E9, E10 and E12 errors. From a previous forum post it looks like it could be caused by commands leaked through the network. However, I have commands password prote
thoron222 posted Nov 18 '21 at 11:59 pm
I use a DT82i with one device connected on rs232 host port. I retrieve the data frame from this device by decoding on a manual channel. Some values are sometimes negative due to the background measurement. I record the average of these values on CV every 10 min. I would like eject the neg values, how may I proceed ?
Thank you

tom_1234 posted Nov 9 '21 at 6:18 pm
There is no session time window for ethernet connections. Is it possible to wake up the datalogger for certain time windows, in order to access it remotely over ethernet? We have a battery powered site with a radio link. The datalogger is connected to the radio modem over ethernet. In order to safe power, the datalogger stays in a low power mode and wakes up every day once to do measurements and
besim posted Nov 23 '21 at 8:09 pm
Hello Guys

I really can't help myself with this problem

I Storing My data daily in DBD Format on the internal file system of the Datataker. There are 4 Schedules

The First three are unloaded without a Problem but when it gets to the Last one it gives me the Error E110 Error Accesing Storefile.

Has anyone Experience with this kind of problem I can't explain it

maxeastwood posted Nov 1 '21 at 10:58 am

I have been trying to connect a DT85 series 3 logger to a windows 10 laptop for over a month, and am still having the same issues. Even with the most up-to-date deX2 and DT-USB software, my laptop is not recognising the logger when it is connected, and therefore, isn't opening the browser or letting me access any data.

It has been suggested that a firmware update (from 9.18
thomasios posted Oct 22 '21 at 1:31 pm
Is there a way to turn HOST_PORT (2Serial) on and off within JOB?
I tried this procedure:





I've got a DT85 Series 2 with the latest 9.22 firmware and am configuring it with dEX-2 v2.1.25 but when I have it reading a couple of voltage channels I'm hearing internal relays clicking each time, is this normal? Although the expected values are correct, the noise is annoying. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

If its relevant, I'm making readings from pins 2 & 3 from the 4-pin connect
recent by brian r  ·  Oct 14 '21 at 8:50 pm
Hi, I had dex2 and delogger installed and running fine on a previous laptop with win10. I have just upgraded to a new surface pro, and I am getting an error for the usb driver . In device manager the following info is displayed for the DT8x datalogger

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

{Bad Image}
%hs is either no
recent by MarkH  ·  Sep 8 '21 at 4:13 pm
maniasadi posted Aug 31 '21 at 4:08 pm
Ozone Wallet: An Offline Wallet with Special Features Ozone is a scientific group including cryptocurrency experts who present an Offline Wallet in order to ensure traders and investors’ security. As is known, in a cold wallet, the user is not completely disconnected from the internet and in some cases, a World Wide Web connection is required for setting up. Hackers are aware of this mat

Was inserting new code on a recently acqqired DT80 series 4 on Dex 2 and applied some changes to the logger program, as I've done before, but now it is not able to obtain an IP address.

Dex-2 tries to heartbeat the logger but never manages to connect. I've accessed the logger through its IP on the browser and can see the event log:

"Ethernet Interface: cannot obtain an IP Addre
Hello DataTaker Support Team,

i have a simple question. I like to replace my old DT80 series2/3 with the new DT80M serie 4. The problem is, when i replaced a series2 with a series3 DT i just had to copy and paste the config. Sadly, this method isn´t working for the current version. I already searched the forum because i heard, that there exists already a work around for this problem, b
recent by MarkH  ·  Aug 23 '21 at 10:08 am
C.Jackson posted Aug 15 '21 at 4:21 am
I have a wireless load cell from Straightpoint and the output is RS485. I would like to bring this into a DT80 series 2 but am having trouble. I assume this would be done as a Modbus input? I also need to know what syntax I need to use to poll the device to get the data out of it?
If anyone has any experiance with setting this connection up it would be greatly appreciated.

Wolfy27 posted Jul 8 '21 at 11:50 am
I have connected a CEM20 to a DT80W, using USB to download data the headers are completely wrong for the channels.
I have 101*TT("Temp 1") through to

I have the CEM plugged into channel 1 on the DT.

The downloaded data in csv file gives me
Therm 1, Therm 1, Therm 1.........and so on. Including the VEXT channel

When unload through delogger5 headers are correc
recent by Wolfy27  ·  Aug 6 '21 at 11:31 pm

I have suddenly encountered problems with the readings from our DT85G. The temperatures readings we get is 327.7 degC, or OverRange.
When I run a test I get the following report below.
The Shunt(100R) gives a value of 0.0 Ohm.
I now wonder if and how this can be repaired and if a lightning strike could have cause this error?

Best regards

TEST report generated at
MarkH posted Jul 6 '21 at 12:25 pm
Hello Support Team,

i hope my question is very simple. The problem is, that i have to buy new USB-Sticks for 8 DT Serie2/3. As u know, some USB-sticks are working and some not. So i wanted to ask if u know a brand or if u have a link to a seller where i can buy sticks which are def working (im from germany). Or u have a work around for the sticks i already bought but i tried nearly everything
Ladislav posted Jun 4 '21 at 10:54 am

I'm using series3 DT80. After firmware upgrade to last version v9.22, logger
was working fine for a week, untill I wanted to clear logger internal memory using command DELALLJOBS. Result of "delalljobs" command was that current job was terminated but message SW exception appeared. Moreover, internal disk was not cleared.

Now, logger display show message "No current job", but I
recent by Ladislav  ·  Jun 24 '21 at 1:48 pm
Our current dEX web interface is not compatible to flash player plugin version 30 or newer, thus you will experience slow response on key stroke to the display. We will release the next version of dEX free of flash player, however for a time being you will need to downgrade flash player plugin from your web browser.

Some plugin is bundled with web browser such as Google Chrome, you will need
hello, i need help installing flash player v.29. I managed to delete the Macromed folder in System32 and in the registry editor (regedit). From then on, windows allowed to install previous version, but at the end of the installation bar 100% message appears "it was not possible to register ActiveX control for flash player"... I prefer to use Dex original version because I am more familiar with th
hello, I'm a layman on datataker, but here in Brazil I've already performed some data collection activities with SGVW in wind tower base foundations with great use. We have now bought another DT80G series4. I need help profiling a concrete sample behavior research test, to create a schedule to read 8 SGVW, namely:

every 30 seconds for 3 hours, then...
every 5 minutes for 3 days, then...
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