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Hello, I am trying to log the voltage current and power data from the m850 power meter via rs485 with a dt80 logger. I found some code examples and put the following code together. I have linked the manual with the modbus register list. Can any one say if this should work? Any Help most welcome
stuleake posted Aug 29 '23 at 11:28 am
When running a job on our Data Taker the device gives the error "SW Exception". We are using the latest version of the firmware 9.22.9125

The event log contains the following message:

EVENT ,2023/08/15,00:49:01,0.139160,"Reset 9.22.9125 EXCEPTION (c8610007)"

And the error log contains the following message:

Exception 1c00 at 0x0011b348
SRR1=00009032 DSISR=00000003 DAR=040
Wolfy27 posted Aug 22 '23 at 10:08 am
I have been using Delogger4 for the Dt615 and delogger5 for the DT80 series for a good 3-5 years now with no problems.
Running Windows 10. All was fine up to a week ago.

The program loads, a Warning that the site database cannot be opened. Then closes program after you press ok.

Delogger5 works as per normal.

How can I fix this issue.

I uninstalled both Delogger5 and DeLogger4
I have a DT80 with 9.20 firmware that have lost it configuration at the 21/08/2023. The configuration waw installed since the 31/05/23 and running correctly until now.

Note : The DT80 was continuously running since the 25/07/2023 (4weeks), without electrical shutdown.

Here is the extract from the service.log

EVENT ,2023/07/25,07:15:46,0.096435,"Reset 9.20.8942 POWERUP/BUTTON
Theo posted May 3 '23 at 10:45 am
I am trying to install the Linux version of DEX2.0 on a centOS distribution.
However i am unable to complete the installation because of missing library and other ressources. I think the methods i am using are incomplete.

Could you provide the steps and terminal commands to use for the installation and the execution of DEX2?


recent by Theo  ·  Aug 24 '23 at 8:34 am
TCDLUser posted Jul 19 '23 at 12:52 pm
How fast can you read thermocouple data? The manual says it is a sum of: Measurement time, processing time, communications time and logger preparation time.

But it does not provided values for all of these.

So how fast can you log analogue data without accuracy issues or channel ghosting? Is there a formula?

recent by TCDLUser  ·  Aug 15 '23 at 11:17 am
cpalha posted Jan 31 '23 at 9:00 am
Dear all

We have a DT800 since many years and we use it a few times for temperature measurings
Now, i have a new chalenge to build a weather station with some sensores the we have in the lab

The sensors are:

SP Lite2 Pyranometer; sensitivity 68 uV/W.m-2
Thies anemometer 0.5-40m/s, a T351-TR Thermistor, a very old pluviometer that I will calibrate it.
And some k thermocouples
recent by cpalha  ·  Aug 14 '23 at 4:03 pm
newguy posted Aug 2 '23 at 3:32 pm
Hello, I was trying to add a new channel to the current job on my DT80, and when I hit download, it wiped the job completely off the device. Is there a way to recover the job? Or do I have to start all over again?

PaulH posted Jul 25 '23 at 7:05 am

We have a DT51 we dusted off. The problem I have is that when you startup the logger there are some default scans, spans and switch settings, if I delete the scans and write new scan, when I restart the logger or cycle the power, the logger defaults back to the "built-in" scan and switches.

Is there a setting or switch where i can stop this from happening?


bfarrugia posted Jul 19 '23 at 4:20 am
When running a test on one of our DT80s, it sometimes fails on Vos 3W II. What does that mean and is it repairable?
Is there a list available of the test line items and what they represent?

VEXT 13.4 V
VBAT (6V) 6.50 V PASS
VLITH (3.6V) 3.63 V PASS
VDD (3.3V)
I have a DT80 connected to a CEM20 (id#2). The CEM20 has one 4 wire RTD and six 3-wire RTDs connected to it, reading in at about 1Hz.
They are Pt385 RTDs with 100 ohm resistance at 0C. I'm using the II parameter to excite at 2.5mA and, for the moment I am just trying to read ambient temperatures.

The 3 wire RTDs all read between 16 and 17C while the 4 wire reads 22C, when they should al
scholse1 posted Jun 1 '23 at 2:26 pm

i want to use a DT85 to query a Modbus RTU Sensor(Meier-NT Soitemperature Probe).

From my point of view i did all the necessary configuration but somehow i dont get any response from it.

Here is my Setup:

Hardware configuration:

A-Wire: TxZ
B-Wire: RTSy
Power: 12V Source
Ground: Common Ground with DGND
Software configuration:

*BPS = 19200
Ixus posted Jun 2 '23 at 6:44 am

We have multiple DT80M datalogger over the country and for some reason, they many of them have started to lost the SIM pin code. This affects only for this settings, all others ones are fine. It happens randomly, between month or like once in a year. After entering the SIM Pin again, everythings works like excepted. This phenomen was not going on a couple of years ago with these logger
The integrated DT80 in our system has lost its configuration (no current job).
It seems thats the DT80 have run out of memory space, and is unable to load the configurated jobs at start up. As descibded in its logs with the error E116 :

EVENT ,2023/04/21,00:39:25,0.003906,"Reset 9.22.9125 POWERUP/BUTTON (c0a00005)"
EVENT ,2023/04/21,00:39:25,0.552124,"Beginning entry of job "
2757alanr posted May 25 '23 at 10:43 pm
Hello, I am new to the DT82em so please forgive my ignorance. I have been asked by my company who own the Datataker to wipe the memory and create a new schedule. The issue is the last person has password protected the unit and we need to wipe the device. WE want to lose the data and software. The version number is a 9.22.
Thank you

Hi, We're using DT85G Series 4 for monitoring settlement and strain gauge readings.

I was wondering if anyone here can help me monitor the data using microsoft excel (Data connections). For now, we are more inclined in using Delogger5 as it is easier to program than Dex.

For now we are monitoring the data using the Txt window in Delogger5 but we prefer to do it Microsoft excel for data
Salman_Farrukh posted Apr 24 '23 at 7:13 pm
I hope you are well.
I have a DT85 series 4 datalogger and I want to measure the torque + rotation speed + power from my torque sensor, which has a 12 pin connector (picture attached). I have also attached the manual for the torque meter (DRBK from applied measurements). I have also attached the datalogger manual.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I hope you are well.
I have a DT85 series 4 datalogger and I want to measure the torque + rotation speed + power from my torque sensor, which has a 12 pin connector (picture attached). I have also attached the manual for the torque meter (DRBK from applied measurements). I have also attached the datalogger manual.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mel posted Apr 5 '23 at 2:52 pm

I work in information security in a university. One of our students wants to install dEx 2.0 v2.1.25. We have a hard time finding information to validate the safety of your software. Do you have an EULA and a privacy policy ? In what country are you located. Do you update you software as soon as a vulnerability is found ? Is there a way to have automatic updates configured ? Any other
houghje posted Apr 3 '23 at 5:29 am
DT85M failed to communicate via SIM with message: "Modem will retry [SIM problem]".
SIM was removed and reinserted and slide catch engaged and checked that was fully engaged.

SIM had been working for a number of years without problem then the issue started a couple of weeks ago when emails containing data ceased.

I am working on a train project presently trying to program my dt80m3-3 with code to take in GPS data and use that data to monitor and record train speed and trigger appropriate data storage responses depending on train stop/run. Also want to record GPS position.
Can someone please assist with some appropriate coding. I am using deX-2.

George1166 posted Feb 16 '23 at 5:47 pm
Hi, I have a couple of DataTaker DT80's (one series 2, one series 4).

I plugged the S4 into a Windows 10 PC and Windows said it was installing a driver. Would this be DTusb or do I need to physically download it (where from?) and install it first?

I see from other posts that DEX 2.0 avoids the need for Flash. Where is the download for DEX2.0? Do I need to upgrade the DT80 firmware firs
phoneymcringring posted Feb 2 '23 at 7:43 am
Hi All

I goofed today, and set the logging interval much shorter than usual (2 vs my usual 15 or 30 seconds), ran out of memory half way through my trial and overwrote the early data.

I have downloaded and dumped the DDB - it's still missing the first two hours or so, so I'm fairly sure they are gone.

I was watching the data in a DEX2 dashboard while it was being collected - long shot
litters95 posted Apr 22 '22 at 10:53 pm
My DT80 series 2 just stopped responding
The sample light, disk and power lights are on but no display
It was a brand new logger (2009?) . I had updated to latest firmware.
It was working fine for about 3 weeks
Anyone got any ideas ? A hard reset has not fixed it

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