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Hi, i wqnted to copy some files onto the usb from a DT82I but it reads the usb too long. It is an empty one, and i am not sure what is happening.
I want to mention that i have a schedule running and i am not sure if that influences. I was doing the followong logon, then run the schedule, then logoff and then i was able tonread the usb faster, but when i copyed the job, there were no recordings
Gabrielaf posted Jan 31 '20 at 2:52 pm
Hi, i need to use 4 analogs , and make a chart with data while these analogs are changing values.
So, i learned how to read these analog values instantly, but when trying to record them and put them in a chart i have lots of issues. Can you please give me some hint on what i need to code for the thing to work?
I have some errors i think of syntax but u tried different things and still not
Hi All,

Inherited a DT85 Series 3 that came hooked up to the rig I'm using (high temperature reactor). It has 4 n-type thermocouples plugged into it and I've run a number of tests so far without any issues.

I have no experience using this hardware so I haven't touched any of it.

Near the end of my last test I just lost signal all of a sudden.
Reading the screen said that I had a 'R
recent by mshaw  ·  Dec 18 '19 at 5:40 am
dataTaker Expert posted Nov 4 '19 at 12:17 am

We finally release the new version of dEX which is a PC based application and free from flash player.

dEX® 2.0 is a simplified yet powerful software that allows you to configure and program your DT80 series data loggers. This configuration-based software allows you to configure the hardware, visualisation data and also debug your application on all DT80 series of loggers (includi
neceel posted Nov 26 '19 at 10:19 am

I have a problem.

We have several systems powered by a battery and a solar panel (12v 38Ah, 50W).

The problem is that when the weather is bad, the battery lasts a few days.

How can I make good energy savings?

Best Regards
Jonathan Maida

josefj posted Nov 28 '19 at 3:15 pm
I try to write a script that will read the sensors on my Datataker DT85G but I run in to problems.
I try to use the command server and connect to the local ip and can see all the commands but when sending commands I get problem.

It works fine is I logg into the Datataker through the web interface. Then I can send commands and receive results. However, if I'm not logged in through the web
recent by josefj  ·  Dec 2 '19 at 8:02 am
Gabrielaf posted Nov 29 '19 at 5:40 pm
I am a newbie in using the data taker.
I was trying to create a schedule to read a DI every second for 1 minute.
Then i deleted this schedule and i wanted to create another one..but this time any typr of codefor schedule i try to run is giving me this errror
Cannot log: job untitled has existing data/alarms
I have used delete all the data but it says there is no job
envimo posted Nov 13 '19 at 12:08 pm
Hi all,

I have to use modbus function 0x03 to read values from a probe. But ist seems that the DT80 only supports 0x04. I was able to send the command manually via serial but when I try to read the answer which I can log in a terminal all CV variables stay empty. I tried %1b[CVx] and %1c[CVx] as well but no success. The exact command I used to read the values from serial port is 1SERIAL("%*3b
Hello to all, today i installed my series 1 DT80 in a industrial machine and i am very glad to say it works well.

The data is read-able from the internal network from any computer in the network. Special thanks to Rudy who helps me whith several problems.

I tried Delogger 5 (since dEX is not compatible whith series 1) but it does not work fine, also i need to install the program to each
recent by Mechanic  ·  Nov 7 '19 at 5:22 am
dataTaker Expert posted Nov 1 '19 at 12:46 am

dataTaker does not have automatic detection on daylight saving however it is possible to introduce time manipulation through the code.

This is the code Jairus Pascoe from Metro Train which address daylight saving in Melbourne. Daylight saving in Melbourne start on 2 am the first Sunday of October and end on 2 am the first Sunday of April.

My datataker DT80 is bought second hand so i do not know what powersupply is recommanded for it to power it from 230VAC.

The power adapter i use right now seems to have to low power sometimes so i want to order a new one (local) whith the right specs.

So could you please specify voltage , current and id possible the diameter of the correct connector inner diameter / outer diameter.

recent by Mechanic  ·  Oct 31 '19 at 9:55 am

Current measurement using internal shunt resistor may prove difficult to achieve because there is measurement relay which separate output circuit of the sensor with shunt resistor. Using a default measurement delay of 10 ms may not be enough for some sensor.

Thus the only solution is increasing measurement delay, however some sensor may need a couple second to establish stable current
neceel posted Oct 22 '19 at 8:12 am
EVENT ,2019/10/21,05:21:00,0.441284,"E10 - Command error at column 1 [ <err>GET / H ]"
EVENT ,2019/10/21,05:21:00,0.525024,"E9 - Switch error at column 9 [ GET /<err> HTTP/1.1 ]"
EVENT ,2019/10/21,05:21:00,0.589233,"E10 - Command error at column 11 [ GET / H<err>TTP/1.1 ]"
EVENT ,2019/10/21,05:21:00,0.709350,"E10 - Command error at column 2 [ H<err>ost: 13
Mechanic posted Jun 5 '19 at 9:41 pm
Hello all, i bought a secondhand DT80 and i woud like to gather the most recent software and firmware.

I read some about updating but most descriptions mention the series to be a breakpoint for having some updates possible or not. Seems series 2 and 3 are suitable to handle DEX, while series 1 are not.

So how to figure out what series i bought?

I have DT80 S/N 082272 , on the side p
Gonzalo posted Sep 2 '19 at 1:53 am
We need a simple way to totalizer a slow pulse from water meters and the same time reset counter each datalogging. Reset is easy using dEX with “Reset Counter”, but ”doesn’t exist the “Totalizer Counter for ever”

Thanks in advance

Our distributor in Chile sent us a request to implement PenMan-Montieth formula for evapotranspiration measurement using dataTaker. This formula requires several parameters that need to be calculated first from 10 measurements:

temperature (average, maximum and minimum)
relative humidity (average, maximum and minimum)
wind speed average
altitude from sea level
We manage to
This time I will explain about some possible causes of error related modem messages:

SESSION: Failed [Network check] - will retry
This error is related to connection testing by pinging to dataTaker website after the internal modem established a data connection. If the pinging is unsuccessful, data connection will be dropped.
There are 2 possible issues:

If dataTaker website is down,
Kaltal posted Jul 5 '19 at 4:52 pm

I have a DT85 with 1 CEM20 connected to channel 1. They are both collecting strain gauge data. I have the strain gauge wires going to the DT85 and CEM20 grounded via the grounding screw on the case of the DT85.

All the DT85 channels are looking good in terms of data and noise but the CEM20 ones are all showing the same noise levels. I do have a channel in each unit to compensate for n
This topic will cover programming method to read raw data of precipitation spectrum from a disdrometer:

Precipitation spectrum is useful to classify the type of precipitation based on the size of the droplet (diameter equivalent) and its velocity. Each properties of droplet (size and velocit
Hi dataTaker Forum Users,

This forum will be officially released on Monday 3rd June 2019. You may post your questions or answer any topics in the forum. I hope all users involvement to enhance our dataTaker experience.

You may return to forum home page by clicking DATATAKER FORUM at the top.

At the first stage, we will release it to selected peoples who get the link on the forum and
This topic is about reading soil moisture sensor Trime-Pico (type 32 or 64) from IMKO Micromodultechnik using dataTaker:

There are 5 required components to construct a poll syntax:

ASCII syntax action write (hexadecimal 15)
ASCII syntax action read (hexadecimal 14)
ASCII syntax measurement (hexadecimal 16)
10 kohms range is one of dataTaker series 3 measurement limitation, however there is method to pass this limit without even using a parallel resistor depicted on R6 wiring configuration of resistance measurement (DT8x User Manual).

Resistance measurement is obtained by excite a resistance device with current source, then measure the voltage across. Within dataTaker this voltage reading will g
dataTaker Expert posted May 26 '19 at 4:53 am
If you need to maintain the program while having the sensors replaced at periodic interval, you can use 2 jobs method:

The first job is the main job which will be permanent, marking
(1$) is required to give indication which sensor that is currently in operation

1+V(A,S1,"Elec Deg C")
1*V(A,S2,"Elec RH")
The second
This topic will show how to create UNIX timestamp as alarms text.

'11CV – ten thousands part of number of days since 1 January 1970 expressed in second
'12CV – thousands and hundreds part os number of days since 1 January 1970 expressed in second
'13CV – tens and ones part of number of days since 1 January 1970 expressed in second
'14CV – initial 4 digits of UNIX time
This topic is about reading MODBUS function 23 which is not possible using direct syntax of dataTaker. This is related to Mastervolt Mass battery charger :

There are several requirement prior of MODBUS reading:

you will need to do the reading using SERIAL syntax rather than MODBUS syntax
you will need to know MODBUS polling s
dataTaker Expert posted May 24 '19 at 1:10 pm
Please find dataTaker firmware download link:
9.22.9125 (current version):

Please find various Microsoft Excel application to be used with dataTaker:
Real-time plotter (EX-Taker):
Historical plotter (EX-Plotter):
Power Calculation:

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